He reminds me of Chuck Bass and I am totally in love with a sim ok



crying because aphroditeisimmoral's nugget is so perfect

omg Nugget looks so good in your game, she looks so sexay dfbgdfsghdfhdfhn thank you <3


I wanna live there!

storms approaching on lucid cove..


So… I figured, since Snow’s 5’3”, she’d probably get trampled in the crowds at Coachella. In comes Kit to save the day, though. He’d just carry her out of there. XD And thus, a new friend. 8D

… He’s also the reason for her body paint and draws a few “tattoos” on her with a permanent marker. XD


**** RAINE HOODIE - Public Birthday Gift ****

As a gift for bringmevictory, I give you, the RaineHoodie. The mesh is converted by me, from this Model on Deviantart,

Meshmod: FFXIII Lightning Hoodie Dress XNALara by SumireHaikuXNA

Source of Picture and Model


  • YA/A only
  • fully 3D
  • all morph compatible (should work for maternity *if not, feel free to make it so*)
  • 2 Different Recolurable Styles, with 3 areas each
  • custom thumbnails

Once again, I DID NOT MAKE THIS MESH. I converted it from a XNALara model, and did the rest of the work in Milkshape, editing it.

****DOWNLOAD ME @****

- mirror -


sumirehaikuxna (she also modified the textures)

  • Lightning FFXIII-2 model ported by rexil © Square Enix
  • MStar Nurien outfit © Nurien Software

My Testers:


Elaine - cnih simself

Raine - bringmevictory simself

Pam - cheekykittenbutt simself



+~+Followers gift+~+

So i finally made these rad outfits for my wonderful followers. There are 2 parts  so dont get mad if u cant find the other outfits.Big thanks to the person who sent me the mesh and stuff..6 outfits total .The file includes one that is all so you dont have to install it each..and Imade them because they are freaking awesome..Yay!! lol so here you go.


standard TOU …

Download (includes sims3pack,.package.all)

wouwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ♥♥♥♥